Master’s Hand

The Master’s Hand is a compassionate ministry with a nine member board from six different churches reaching out to share the love of Jesus in word and action to all people:

The ministry has scheduled times throughout the week when people can receive food, paper products, hygiene items and other items.  They also have a coffee shop, Wednesday Bible Study and Saturday evening worship service.

The Master’s Hands started with a vision from God of having a place to invite people to come in to sit down and receive food for the soul and for the body.  The Master’s Hands would be a place where people would feel comfortable knowing that they will be loved regardless of how they look, how they dress, or what their past or present condition is.  The Master’s Hands is a place where the word of God is taught, preached, and lived out daily for all to see.

For more information contact:

The Master’s Hands:  704 S. Whittle Ave., Olney, Il. 62450

Phone: 618-392-0414