Steve Wingert, Pastor


A little bit of history

Steve was born and raised in Olney, then went to Greenville College where he majored in music.  After Greenville he worked a brief time in the Olney Free Methodist Church as youth and music minister before pursuing a short career in the music industry.  God had different plans and called him back into the ministry; this time as music and youth pastor at the Free Methodist Church in Bloomington, In.  It was in Bloomington that he met Liesl who was a student at Indiana University.  They married and during their 9 years there were blessed with the births of Zach and Tanner.  In 1994 they accepted a call to move to the Free Methodist Church in Clay City, In. where they served for 7 years and Josh was born.  In 2001 they came back to Illinois to pastor here.  Cali became a part of their family in 2008.  Along the way Liesl earned her Master’s degree in healthcare administration and Steve earned his in leadership and ministry. They have recently been blessed with their first two grandchildren, Harper and Silas. Their lives have been blessed by meeting and ministering to wonderful people wherever they have served.


Currently, Liesl works for Southern Illinois University – School of Medicine as a Regional Rural Health Project Coordinator.  When not working she enjoys spending time with her family.  At the church she works with the music program, leads a ladies bible study, teaches a teen Sunday School class and helps out however she can.


Steve enjoys listening to all types of music, from baroque to jazz and continues to play trumpet.  He likes to ride his bike (pedal), do simple woodworking and read.  He also has a love/hate relationship with a 1980 MGB convertible (if you have ever owned one, you will understand).


Steve and Liesl are driven by a belief that as individuals and communities of believers we are called to endeavor to be the hands and feet of Jesus.  Life is not easy.  It is often complicated and messy. But together, we are able to encourage each other along in our relationship with God through this life and into the next.